Q: What is premium hemp extract? :

A:  Premium hemp extract is the best term to describe the concentrate used in our products. Our extracts are rich in cannabinoids and other compounds found in the hemp plant. We label our extracts as “premium” because we go above and beyond to make sure that every single detail of the process, from seed to bottle, is of absolute highest quality possible. The strain of hemp, the growing methods used, the extraction process, and even the bottling and labeling procedures implemented is all to ensure that our customers receive the very best product possible.

Q: What are Cannabinoids? :

A: Cannabinoids are natural compounds found in cannabis plants that have a wide range of properties. There are many different cannabinoids found in the hemp plant and it is believed that they offer numerous benefits by interacting with specific receptors.

Your Endocannabinoid system such as CB1 receptors (located within the nervous system, the brain, and nerve endings) and CB2 receptors (located within the immune system) literally attach to certain cannabinoids as they pass through the body. This interaction is why cannabinoids are known to help support such a wide variety of physical and mental health including nausea, pain, inflammation, depression, insomnia, anxiety, seizures and much more.

Q: What is the difference between industrial hemp derived products from overseas and domestic hemp derived products?

A: Recently, hemp producers from overseas have begun to make hemp-based remedies from the stocks of industrial plants grown for many purposes such as textile, hempcrete, fabric, etc. The problem with this is that their hemp is not specifically made for human consumption and can be (and often is) contaminated with pesticides, heavy metals, and harsh chemicals through stages of growth or during the extraction process.

The hemp used in Devour Por Vida products are specifically bred to be made into high-quality remedies and is always grown in American soil. This allows us to better understand the techniques used to make our products while supporting American jobs!

Q: Will I feel a psychoactive effect when using this product? :

A: No. Our products are derived from hemp plants which are technically non-psychoactive because hemp contains less than .03% THC (a cannabinoid that is responsible for the euphoric effect marijuana has). So you will not feel a psychoactive effect from Devour Por Vida products, but you may experience a calm and subtle relaxing effect.

Q: Will I fail a drug test while using this product? :

A: With any full spectrum cannabis product you will run a slight risk for testing positive to THC. Even though the amount of THC in these products is so minuscule, it can stack in your body and is possible to show up on a drug test.

Strictly using isolated hemp extract will not cause you to test positive to THC because it is completely absent of THC. If being tested is an issue, sticking to an isolated hemp extract product such as Devour Relief Salve is the safest option. 

Q: Do you offer your products for wholesale? :

A: Yes, for wholesale inquiries please contact a wholesale representative at Devourporvida@gmail.com ATTN: WHOLESALE



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